Savannah Savannah

In 1995, an American yachtsman hired Elizabeth Meyer’s J Class management to help him create a modern classic. He was inspired by the J Class sloops, William Fife and a number of other beautiful old yachts, but wanted a boat under 100' long. J Class selected Pedrick Yacht Designs in Newport, Rhode Island for hull and rig design, and John Munford Design in Southampton, England for interior styling. J Class, Pedrick, and Munford worked as a team to create Savannah. The result is a strikingly beautiful yacht that represents the paragon of 20th Century yacht design.

Shortly after her launch in 1997 Savannah was awarded ‘Best Sailing Yacht’ by both Showboats International and the Super Yacht Society. Savannah has sailed and triumphed in many regattas around the world.

In the words of her designer
Savannah’s long overhangs and high freeboard were inspired by the magnificent racing yachts of the 1930s. Her flush deck is accented by varnished teak skylights and coamings. Her beauty carries through a luxurious interior, with finely detailed, panelled mahogany joinery centred on a large and well-appointed saloon. With extensive day sailing and racing planned, there are staterooms for the owner, one guest couple and crew. Below the waterline, Savannah has an efficient cruising hullform, deep Pedrick Whale-Tail fin keel, and separate rudder. Engineered to last more than a century, her construction uses carbon fibre, Kevlar and PVC foam to be relatively lightweight but extremely robust. The tall, fractional rig, also in carbon fibre, drives Savannah to exhilarating speeds. In her creation, Pedrick has embodied the finest of classic style with the best of modern engineering and performance design.